Knotweed Pulling Parties!

As we all know, Tropical Storm Irene caused serious damage in Conway. An assessment of erosion along the South River was underway earlier in the summer. Nic Miller, the river geologist, was here again recently and strongly recommended:

(1) Collecting loose knotweed before it roots in the Spring (work now and in April with small shovels to dislodge it where it has started to root).

(2) Have people that pull logs out of the river pile them in one place, so they can eventually be used to build diverters and anti-erosion structures.

Invasive Japanese knotweed was already spreading in Conway and clogging riverbanks – ruining native habitat and limiting access to the River. The storm washed large amounts downstream so now it’s rooting in many more places. Presently, however, it is very easy to pull, while it’s small. It should be bagged during collection, then brought to a dumpster(it can re-grow even without its roots!).

For anyone unsure of what Japanese knotweed looks like – and the menace it quickly becomes, a prime viewing site is shortly south of the Rtes 5 & 10 junction with Rte. 116. Heading north on 5 & 10, before the So. Deerfield Fire Station, on the right.

It would be wonderful for our community if friends & neighbors, school groups and clubs gather together for a few hours this fall, and again in April, assisting in this vital effort. Be sure to obtain permission from landowners. Please send any news of pulling parties to