Project to Extend Habitat Cover

A recent outgrowth from the South River Biological survey, is the fencing and planting of trees and bushes along a section of the upper South River, in the town of South Ashfield.

Native and wild trout were found in the upper reach of John Roske’s gentleman’s farm, but not in the lower section. The electric fence, that secures the pasture, was extended to keep his two cows out of all but a small section of the river, where they cross to the north part of the pasture. Plantings along the river followed – in time these trees and bushes will provide shade, as well as bank stability

The work was done this past Spring. Now that grasses and wild plants are coming up, the habitat is beginning to look more “user friendly” to riparian zone animal life.

This ongoing project has involved the Friends of the South River and the Deerfield River Watershed Trout Unlimited, plus possible funding from Greater Boston Trout Unlimited. The hope is that this small demonstration conservation effort will spawn similar efforts along the South River, as well as extend the range of native and wild fish down the stream.

Article, Bob Anderson.  Photos, Michele Turre